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LASSD 2021- Online Congress

We have the pleasure to invite you to participate in the First Latin American Congress on Solid State and Radiation Measurements an online event that will take place 13th- 17th September 2021.
The deadline for abstracts submission is 31 July, at the website http://www.lassd2021.com.br .
The congress will be be preceded by the Shigueo Watanabe School: Concepts and Trends in Radiation Dosimetry and its Applications, to introduce the young generations to this research field. We are excited and look forward to interesting discussions on solid state dosimetry. This event will be a great opportunity to meet colleagues working in this area, share your scientific results and strengthen this important research area in Latin America.

Could you please disseminate information about LASSD congress and school in your countries through your contacts and remind all to submit abstracts ASAP.

Best regards,

Organizing Committee


14 de Junho de 14 às 16h. Não percam!


Aula Inaugural e Recepção dos discentes PEN/COPPE/UFRJ – 2021



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